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Maui Coffee, Kona Coffee, and Hawaiian Coffee blends farm FRESH in Hawaii.

By carefully combining centuries of time-honored tradition with modern milling and roasting methods, family-owned Maui Coffee Company has established a reputation for producing premium roasted gourmet coffees and teas. These prime grade specialty products are created right here on Maui, from only the finest gourmet coffee beans cultivated in select locations across the Hawaiian Islands.

Kona Coffee
100% Kona
Without a doubt, one of the world's most sought-after beans by coffee connoisseurs! Our 100% Pure Kona Coffee has a medium to full body and mild acidity.
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Maui Coffee

100% Maui
Grown 100% in the West Maui Mountains, this earthy coffee is deep and rich. Gourmet coffee drinkers will appreciate the medium to full-bodied flavor and mild acidity of
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Find out why our coffees and teas are sought after by discriminating coffee and tea drinkers from around the world, and why they remain the locals' favorite. You'll taste Hawaii's pride and heritage in every flavorful bag.

MAUI COFFEE CO. Newest Coffee Additions-
Kauai, Molokai and Maui Peaberry

This coffee is from coffee trees grown in the rich, volcanic Hawaiian soil, and warm tropical air. This is a world class coffee, with a rich flavor, low acidity and wonderful aroma.
It is one of only a handful of coffee farms in the world that processes using both the wet process and the natural dry process, producing two distinct green coffees.

Coffee in Hawaii

We invite you to enjoy our site. Learn about the tradition and history embodied in every bag of handpicked Hawaiian coffee that we produce. Join our family, and have pure Hawaiian coffee shipped directly to your home each month. Browse our gourmet coffee gift baskets. They make a wonderful gift for coworkers and friends. Aloha!

Hawaiian Coffee Products


Purchase 5- 11 bags of any coffee and receive $.50 off per bag.

Purchase 12 bags or more of any coffee and receive $1.00 off per bag.

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